The SNP was elected in May 2016 to form the next Scottish Government.   Their manifesto contained some very clear promises to tackle social care charges.  

The SNP commitment was

1.       We will also examine the introduction of the extension of free personal and nursing care to those under 65 with a diagnosis of dementia.

2.       We will make charges for social care services fairer. We have already invested £6 million to increase the income threshold at which someone becomes liable for charges, and we will continue to take action to make the system fairer still.

3.       We will exempt War Pension for veterans and Guaranteed Income Payments under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme for those injured after April 2005, from consideration in assessments for care charges. And, as part of our strategy to support veterans – Renewing Our Commitments – we will revise existing charging guidelines so that war disablement pensions are fully disregarded from social care means tests.

4.       We will also consult on the introduction of national guidance for care charges and, as part of this, consider the option of a cap that takes account of the costs of disability related expenditure

 Unfortunately there was no mention of any action on this in the Leader's plans for the next year.  We do hope that there will be some news soon.